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Zeekr 007: The real Tesla killer

Recently, the mid-sized pure electric sedan Zeekr 007 was officially launched. Equipped with an 800V high-voltage system across all models, it offers five different configurations with prices ranging from $29,200 to $42,700. Compared to the previous pre-sale price (starting at $29,000), the official launch price has been further reduced by $3,000, enhancing its market competitiveness.

zeekr 007


The launch of Zeekr 007 intensifies competition in the over $20,000 pure electric sedan market, which already includes players like BYD Han, BYD Seal, Changan Deepal SL03, Avatr 12, and Xiaomi SU7. Notably, the time between Zeekr 007’s announcement and delivery was only one week, contrasting with the traditional car industry’s months-long process from unveiling to final delivery.

zeekr 007

The launch of Zeekr 007 is expected to have a significant impact on the pure electric sedan market. Whether it can replicate the success of Zeekr 001 remains to be seen. Let’s watch closely and witness the new chapter of Zeekr 007.