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Xiaopeng’s pure electric MPV X9 ‘new species’ unveiled

On October 24, 2023, Xiaopeng’s pure electric MPVXpeng X9 was officially unveiled and was hailed as a “new species” in the automotive industry. This innovative model is positioned as a pure electric smart seven-seat MPV and will make its grand debut at the upcoming Guangzhou Auto Show.

Consumers can choose single motor or dual motor versions

Consumers can expect a choice between single-motor and dual-motor versions of the Xpeng X9. The single-motor version has an impressive maximum power output of 235 kW, while the dual-motor version features a front motor with a maximum power of 235 kW and a rear motor with a maximum power of 135 kW.

An exciting leap forward in electric MPV technology

The Xpeng X9 represents a major leap forward in the electric MPV segment, offering power and versatility in a seven-seat configuration.

Let us stay tuned for its official debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show. It is another smart electric car after the appearance of Xiaopeng G6, witnessing the future of smart travel.