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Who is Xiaomi SU7 made for?

Recently, Xiaomi Corporation officially unveiled the all-new intelligent luxury sedan – Xiaomi SU7, at a highly anticipated launch event. This model quickly became the focal point of the automotive market with its unique design concept, cutting-edge technological features, and outstanding performance.


According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi SU7 is primarily targeted towards the new era elite who pursue exceptional quality, value life taste, and possess a strong passion for technology. They not only focus on the vehicle’s exterior design and driving experience but also value the intelligent lifestyle that the vehicle brings.

To meet the diverse needs of this demographic, Xiaomi SU7 demonstrates ingenuity in design, showcasing a blend of stylish elegance, practicality, and comfort. Furthermore, Xiaomi SU7 is equipped with the latest intelligent technology systems, including autonomous driving, smart connectivity, voice control, and more, providing unparalleled convenience and enjoyment for the drivers and passengers.


Moreover, Xiaomi SU7 performs excellently in terms of performance. With a high-performance engine and advanced suspension system, it delivers outstanding driving experiences on both urban roads and highways. Additionally, Xiaomi SU7 prioritizes safety enhancements, featuring comprehensive active and passive safety configurations to ensure the safety of occupants during travel.

The launch of Xiaomi SU7 not only enriches Xiaomi’s automotive product line but also further demonstrates Xiaomi Corporation’s strength and determination in the field of intelligent automobiles. In the future, Xiaomi will continue to adhere to the concept of “creating value for users,” continuously researching and launching more high-quality products that meet consumer demands, thereby driving the development of the intelligent automotive industry.


In summary, Xiaomi SU7 is an intelligent luxury vehicle crafted specifically for the new era elite. With its unique design concept, cutting-edge technological features, and outstanding performance, it is destined to shine as a brilliant star in the automotive market.