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Wuling’s Bingo Goes Public in Indonesia

Wuling Motors has made a significant stride in the Indonesian market with the launch of its Bingo, becoming the first automotive enterprise to introduce two new energy vehicle models in the country. The Bingo hit the Indonesian market with a bang, initiating pre-orders through a blind booking system. Within just one month, the orders soared past the 3000-unit mark, shattering the previous record of 2000 units set by Air EV for pre-sale orders of new energy vehicles in Indonesia.

Impressive Pre-Order Success
The Bingo’s pre-order success underscores the growing appetite for eco-friendly transportation solutions in Indonesia. With its competitive pricing and advanced features, the vehicle has garnered significant attention from Indonesian consumers, signaling a promising future for electric vehicles in the region.

Breaking Ground in Indonesia
Wuling Motors’ foray into the Indonesian market marks a milestone not only for the company but also for the country’s automotive industry. By introducing new energy vehicle options, Wuling is contributing to Indonesia’s efforts in promoting sustainable mobility and reducing carbon emissions.

Affordable Innovation
Priced between 3.58 billion to 4.08 billion Indonesian rupiahs (approximately 160,000-190,000 RMB), the Bingo offers an enticing blend of affordability and innovation. With its accessible price point, the vehicle aims to make electric mobility more accessible to a broader segment of the Indonesian population, driving towards a greener and more sustainable future on the roads of Indonesia.