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World New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation

Technological innovation drives the progress of human beings. New energy vehicles are developing rapidly. Where should the future of trams go?

Mazda Electric Vehicle Dedicated Platform

Mazda plans to launch an exclusive electric vehicle platform by 2027, combining hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars for sale. The company aims for electric vehicles to constitute 25%-40% of global sales by 2030.

Tata to build EV battery factory in UK

Tata Group announced a £4 billion investment to build an electric car battery factory in the UK, bolstering the country’s automotive industry and economic growth.

Panasonic considers building battery factory in India

Panasonic considers establishing an EV battery plant in India, aligning with the government’s incentive program for battery storage.

Magna builds plant in US

Magna invests $790 million to construct three factories in Tennessee, supporting Ford’s electric pickup production.

ON Semiconductor Partners with BorgWarner

ON Semiconductor and BorgWarner extend SiC collaboration, integrating EliteSiC power devices into BorgWarner’s modules.

Nuvola develops new material

Nuvola Technology introduces SafeCoat material, designed to prevent lithium-ion battery fires, with commercial use expected in 2025.

The University of Texas develops supercapacitors

Researchers at the University of Texas have developed a new type of supercapacitor with high energy storage capacity, using a carbon “nano-onion” core structure that can store more energy.

Nissan Adopts Tesla Charging Standard

Nissan has announced that it will switch the charging interface of its EVs from the Combined Charging System (CSS) to Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) in 2025.

Tesla V4 superchargers unveiled in the UK

Tesla showed off the new V4 super charging pile, equipped with a credit card reader, which will support credit card payments.

SK signs charging pile supply agreement with Francis

SK Signet will supply 1,000 EV chargers to Francis Energy for the construction of EV fast charging stations in Ohio.