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Why is Xiaomi’s first car called SU7?

Why is Xiaomi’s first car called Xiaomi SU7?


Since Xiaomi released its first car, SU7, related discussions have almost never stopped on major platforms.

As Xiaomi’s first car-making work, the naming of SU7 has also aroused the curiosity of many people.


After Xiaomi Motors SU7 was launched, it became “top-tier”!


The official explanation given by Xiaomi is


SU stands for Speed Ultra, which means extreme speed and does not make slow speeds. But why it is “7”, even Lei Jun himself did not understand.

Lei Jun himself complained: “I don’t understand why everyone in the domestic car circle calls their cars 7 Series. Later, I followed everyone and changed it to 7.”

After a casual search, it is true that “7” series cars are everywhere in the automotive industry. The traditional automobile industry includes BMW’s 7 Series, Audi’s A7, Q7, and Mazda’s CX-7, etc.; the new energy vehicle industry is blooming everywhere: the newly launched Denza N7, Zhijie S7, Xiangjie S7, Lynk & Co 07, Xpeng P7, Jikrypton 007…

Since when did 7 become almost a universal model for new energy vehicles?

Xiaomi SU7

Xiaomi SU7

Why do many new energy vehicles use 7 in their names?


In the traditional automobile era, car models were still arranged in order.

The 7 of the BMW 7 Series is honestly ranked from 1. The 1 Series to the 6 Series are all small and medium-sized cars. The 7 Series happens to be the flagship model of the BMW brand, benchmarked against the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and belongs to the high-end series.

The Audi cars that appeared later also ranked the models in the A series in order to benchmark against BMW. Although Audi raised a hand on BMW’s 7 Series and let the A8 with a larger number benchmark against the 7 Series, the A7 was also classified. to the high-end model range.

Corresponding to the car model level, higher-end models tend to be larger in size. Therefore, most models marked with “7” usually belong to the high-end models of the larger C-class or B-class mid-size cars.

For new energy vehicles such as Xiaomi, the number 7 in the name can be used to associate with the high-end image of the BMW 7 Series and Audi A7, enhance consumer awareness, and at the same time indicate the size of its C-class model.

Xiaomi SU7

Xiaomi SU7

Why might consumers think of the BMW 7 Series when they see Xiaomi SU7?

There are two supporting theories.


The theory of anchoring effect holds that when people make judgments about someone or something, they are easily dominated by the first impression or the first information. The associative learning theory believes that when facing new things, individuals can associate two pieces of information to form cognition and learning of new things.

Specifically, years of market education in traditional cars have allowed users to form a habitual understanding. For example, when you see S, you think of Mercedes-Benz’s top-end S series, and when you see 7, you think of the famous BMW 7 Series. Then you associate Xiaomi SU7 with the high-end images of these two luxury models, forming the first impression of SU7 – a high-end C-class. Car models, and then strongly affect subsequent cognition and purchasing behavior.

In the same way, the controversial Porsche’s same appearance, McLaren’s same headlights, and Lincoln’s taillights also pursue this effect.




the first car anchors the high-end positioning of the 7 Series and ensures the value level of the entire series. In the future, the product line can be flexibly adjusted according to market and industry conditions.


The SU5 and SU6 series can be launched as affordable B-class models downwards, and the SU8 and SU9 series can be launched as top-end D-class models upwards. No matter which model in the same series, it will not fall into the series of lower-end-sounding models below SU5.

Secondly, from a numerical perspective alone, the number 7 has a strong sense of presence and can help enhance brand awareness.

The principle of availability heuristic is a common way of thinking when people make decisions and evaluate probabilities. People often judge the probability of a certain type of thing happening based on whether it is easy to recall. When an event or information The higher the probability of occurrence, the more people take it seriously. In short, people value information that comes to mind more easily.



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