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Venucia VX6 is launched, come and make an appointment now

Venucia VX6 was launched on October 23, achieving a pure electric range of 520 kilometers on a new pure electric platform. This highly anticipated electric SUV was officially launched on November 2 and is positioned as a cost-effective choice in the price range of 150,000 yuan. The powertrain is equipped with a 160kW motor with a peak torque of 275N·m and strong performance.

In addition to its powerful electric motor, the Venucia VX6 is also equipped with a large-capacity 62 kWh battery pack, giving it a CLTC range of 520 kilometers. The model stands out for its advanced technology, spacious interior and smart features, making it a compelling choice in the highly competitive economical electric SUV market.

The Venucia VX6 marks an important step in the evolution of electric vehicles, blending cutting-edge technology with long-lasting driving range. The VX6 enters the market designed to redefine expectations for a family electric SUV, offering consumers a compelling combination of performance, affordability and environmentally friendly features.

The launch of Venucia VX6 will make waves in the field of electric SUVs and set a new standard for cost-effective family electric vehicles. With its impressive electric range, powerful electric motors and competitive price, the VX6 is a strong contender in the rapidly growing new energy vehicle sector.