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The latest developments in international new energy vehicles

Welcome to this week’s International New Energy Vehicle Weekly Research. The following are the latest developments in the new energy vehicle industry as of June 30, 2023.

1. International trends: On June 20, Tesla’s electric vehicle charging technology ushered in a lot of good news. The US state of Texas requires charging operators to support the Tesla standard. The European Parliament has voted to approve new EU battery regulations, which will come into force in 20 days. This regulation will replace the original battery directive.

2. Multinational car company: On June 20, Hyundai Motor Co said it planned to invest 35.8 trillion won in electric vehicles. Foxconn is considering building an electric vehicle factory in India and is in talks with some Indian state governments on the matter.

3. Supply chain: According to Reuters, on June 18, Chinese battery giant CATL invested US$1.4 billion to extract lithium in Bolivia. Swedish battery maker Northvolt has raised $400 million as it aims to become Europe’s largest battery maker.

4. Technology research and development: According to media reports, Volkswagen is ahead of Tesla in mastering the dry coating battery process. Tesla acquired the dry coating process through the acquisition of the start-up company Maxwell Technologies in 2019, but it still faces challenges in cathode dry coating. challenge. Aisin and TMI have jointly developed an ultra-efficient electric vehicle motor that halves losses compared to conventional motors for BEVs using electromagnetic steel sheets, and is expected to improve the overall electric efficiency of vehicles by more than 3%. Rheinmetall has developed a new plug-and-play solution for heat pumps. ACCURE introduces a new software feature to protect against lithium battery fires.

5. Infrastructure: BorgWarner acquires Italian charging company Eldor, Tesla may acquire wireless charging startup Wiferion, Rivian decides to adopt Tesla’s charging standard, and Hyundai considers adopting Tesla’s charging standard. NIO July 1 Travel services to European destinations will be launched.

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