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The Ideal L6: Redefining Luxury MPVs

In an era of rapid technological advancement and evolving consumer preferences, the automotive industry is experiencing unprecedented change. Ideal Automobile, known for its unique vision and innovative spirit, introduces the Ideal L6, a groundbreaking luxury MPV. Building upon the success of the Ideal ONE, the Ideal L6 delivers breakthrough upgrades across the board, offering consumers a fresh travel experience.

lixiang l6

Exterior Design:

The Ideal L6’s design language is sleek and powerful, reflecting the brand’s identity with smooth lines and refined details. Its spacious dimensions cater to both family and business needs, while premium materials and craftsmanship elevate its aesthetics.

Interior Features:

Inside, the Ideal L6 exudes luxury with high-quality materials and advanced technology. A large touchscreen integrates navigation and entertainment functions, while the seats provide exceptional comfort, including leg rests for rear passengers.

Power System:

Equipped with Ideal Automobile’s proprietary extended-range electric powertrain, the Ideal L6 combines efficiency with range. In pure electric mode, it meets urban commuting needs, while the combustion engine extends range for long-distance travel.

lixiang l6

Intelligent Driving Assistance Systems:

Advanced sensors and algorithms enable features like automatic parking and adaptive cruise control, enhancing both convenience and safety for drivers.

Comfort and Practicality:

With rational interior layout and ample storage, the Ideal L6 offers comfort and versatility for family and business use.

lixiang l6


As a luxury MPV, the Ideal L6 sets a new standard with its design, performance, and intelligent features. It not only provides a fresh travel option but also showcases Ideal Automobile’s commitment to innovation in the new energy vehicle sector. The Ideal L6 is poised to lead the MPV market into the future.