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Electric Vehicle Revolution: EV Cars from Leading Automakers Set to Dominate the Road

In the field of electric vehicles, global automobile manufacturers and tech giants have been continuously introducing new car products and technological innovations. Here are some recent important developments in the electric vehicle industry:

1、SAIC-GM’s Third Ultium Factory Breaks Ground in Yantai.

SAIC-GM has commenced the construction of its third Ultium super factory within the SAIC-GM Dongyue base in Yantai, Shandong. This investment project represents a significant milestone in SAIC-GM’s endeavors in electrification and intelligent technologies and is expected to begin mass production in the first half of 2025. The factory will provide robust support for the high-quality production of batteries and electric propulsion systems for the Ultium platform.

2、TeSeer Brand Unveils Latest Product Roadmap Featuring 7 Models.

TeSeer has announced its new product roadmap, encompassing 7 models, including two SUVs and three sedans, with price ranges spanning from 300,000 to 800,000 RMB. The third model, TeSeer N8, is positioned as a mid-to-large-size SUV and is set to be launched by the end of July or early August. Additionally, the all-new TeSeer N8 MAX and TeSeer N9 are expected to be released by the end of 2024, boasting lengths exceeding 5 meters and wheelbases reaching 3 meters. Furthermore, TeSeer plans to introduce two sedans, a coupe similar to the Porsche Panamera and an executive car with a positioning akin to the Mercedes S-Class.

3、Stellantis Aims to Produce 2 Million Electric Vehicles Annually.

Stellantis has announced plans to produce at least 2 million electric vehicles per year based on the STLA Medium platform, offering a range of up to 700 kilometers. The first model in this lineup will be the Peugeot 3008 SUV, set to debut later this year. Stellantis aims to sell only pure electric vehicles in Europe by 2030 and aims for electric vehicle hot sales to comprise 50% of its North American market.

4、Audi Plans to Manufacture Audi Electric Vehicles in Mexico.

Audi plans to establish its first electric vehicle production facility outside of Asia in Mexico. The company intends to build the production base in the northeastern state of Bahia, Mexico, covering electric coaches, truck chassis, and processing facilities for new energy passenger cars and lithium iron phosphate battery materials.

5、Dongfeng Motor’s Lantu brand to enter the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Nordic countries.

Dongfeng Launches the Lantu Brand in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Nordic Countries Dongfeng Motor Corporation, in collaboration with Norwegian partner Electric Way, has signed a cooperation agreement to introduce the Lantu brand to the European market. With partnerships established in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, and Finland, Dongfeng and European dealers will work together to build the Lantu brand’s presence.

6、MG Electric Vehicles Introduce New Leasing Service in France.

SAIC Motor’s MG brand has launched a new leasing service targeting French customers, offering the MG4 electric car for a monthly fee of 99 euros. The program, a collaboration between MG and a French agricultural credit consumer finance company, provides low-income buyers with a 7,000 euro “super bonus” incentive and a 2,500 euro public subsidy for scrapping old cars.

7、BYD Invests 4.5 Billion RMB to Establish Production Base in Brazil.

BYD plans to build a production base in the northeastern state of Bahia, Brazil, covering factories for electric coaches, truck chassis, new energy passenger car production, and processing facilities for lithium iron phosphate battery materials. The new energy passenger car production line will include pure electric and plug-in hybrid models, with an annual capacity target of 150,000 vehicles.

8、Amazon Deploys First Batch of Rivian Electric Delivery Vans in Europe.

Amazon intends to deploy the first batch of electric delivery vans produced by Rivian in Germany. 300 electric vans will hit the roads in the Munich, Berlin, and Dusseldorf regions. Amazon previously committed to investing over 1 billion euros in electrifying its fleet in Europe.

These developments showcase the ongoing progress and growth of the electric vehicle industry worldwide, with manufacturers and consumers showing increasing interest in electric vehicles. Companies are ramping up their investments and development efforts, striving to establish a leading position in the electric vehicle sector.