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Split high power charging system

Output voltage 200 -1000Vdc
Constant power range 300 -1000Vdc
Output current 0-12004 0-1600A
Maximum current output per gun 250A
Current regulation accuracy s+1%
Voltage regulation accuracy ≤ +0.5%

Introduction of Product

LHKCEDC2-480KW/2L/GB-10 is a split-type high-power charging system designed by United Fast Charge for high-power charging stations. The system features one power cabinet with four dual-gun charging terminals, totaling 8 output channels. With a rated power of 480KW and built-in isolated airflow channel encapsulation charging modules, it ensures high reliability. Each terminal is equipped with standard 250A output, with a maximum single-gun output of 180KW. Intelligent power distribution between terminals is achieved through CoolRing technology, enhancing charging station efficiency in terms of both vehicle capacity and power utilization. The system is designed with IP54 high protection, suitable for various application scenarios.

Product Features:

  • Adjustable Power: The power is adjustable to meet different charging requirements.
  • Modular Design: The charging power unit adopts a modular design, enabling flexible expansion.
  • Flexible Charging: The power output of each charging gun can be dynamically allocated according to the vehicle's power demand, allowing for flexible power scheduling.
  • Compliance with International Standards: Excellent compatibility and adaptability, with optional BMS auxiliary power supply and 12V/24V compatibility.
  • Wide Voltage Range: Supports DC charging outputs from 150V to 1000V, and constant power charging outputs from 300V to 1000V, suitable for charging various types of passenger and large vehicles.
  • Stable and Reliable: Complete configuration of positive and negative busbar DC contactors, fuses, emergency stop protection switch input surge protectors, leakage protection switches, grounding, and insulation detection monitoring safety protection devices, equipped with multiple protection functions and logic in both software and hardware.
  • No Need for Adjustment: User-friendly charging without the need for adjustment, already matched with 99.6% of vehicle manufacturers' vehicles.

This charging pile is suitable for fast charging of new energy vehicles, providing users with convenient and efficient charging services, and is an advanced choice for the next generation of new energy vehicle charging equipment.

Charging host specifications

Basic Information Product model LHKCEDC2-360KW/2L/GB-10 LHKCEDC2-480KW/2L/GB-10
Main cabinet size W1200mm x D750mm x H1980mm
Terminal cabinet size 7KWW430mm x D201mm x H1600mm
Installation method Floor installation (supports board transportation)
System efficiency Maximum efficiency 95.5%
Rated power 360KW 480KW
Heat dissipation method Air cooling
Protection level IP54
Number of supported guns Three terminal cabinets with 6 guns, line length 5 meters (customizable) Four terminal cabinets with 8 guns, line length 5 meters (customizable)
Communication interface Ethernet 4G
Human-computer interaction 7-inch touch color screen
Input characteristics Input voltage 380Vac+15%, three-phase five-wire system
Input frequency 45Hz~ 66Hz
Input current ≤1150 A
Power factor ≥0.99 (load ≥50%)
Harmonics ≤5% (load ≥50%)
Input power distribution AC 400Ax3P circuit breaker; single transformer 2-way incoming line

Product Solutions


  • Willing to invest in charging station construction
  • Hope to upgrade existing charging station equipment
  • Hope to provide charging supporting service facilities for residential buildings
  • Have customer channels and hope to become an agent to sell charging piles
  • Have a station with charging piles, but no charging management platform
  • Hope to improve the operation of existing charging stations and increase revenue
  • Have site resources and hope to build a station
  • Have power resources and hope to build a station


  • Provide various types of charging piles to meet the needs of different charging scenarios
  • Provide a complete dealer agency policy
  • Provide flexible charging pile sales financial service solutions

  • Charging platform access services, shared platform users
  • Flexible settlement services

  • Customized solutions (site assessment, investment return calculation feasibility study report, etc.)
  • Professional operation and maintenance team services

Dedicated fast charging station

Research and developmentintroduction


A vital part of smart grids, microgrids operate reliably in both off-grid and grid-connected modes, enabling intelligent interaction among distributed generation, energy storage, and charging facilities. With advanced energy management systems, they ensure system stability, optimize energy usage, and minimize losses while supporting the closed-loop utilization of renewable energy, contributing to carbon neutrality.


Serving as the microgrid's central control, EMS manages data, monitors, controls, and optimizes energy storage system operations efficiently. It adjusts power and voltage parameters to meet load demands, coordinates with the main grid, and reduces energy consumption and system losses. EMS also facilitates islanding operation and reclosing strategies, ensuring system reliability during faults.


This system monitors microgrid operations in real-time, including photovoltaic, energy storage, and charging facilities, enhancing operational efficiency through data analysis and intelligent warnings. Equipped with battery management and communication interfaces, it promptly identifies issues, supports integrated energy station scheduling, and provides data for public safety warnings.


A single-phase AC charging pile

Raw materials

Charging pile shell, circuit board, battery, motor, sensors, etc.

Assembly Production

Assemble the various components according to the design drawings to ensure that the charging pile meets the standard electrical and mechanical performance.

Testing and Debugging

After assembly, production personnel must conduct testing and debugging on the charging pile to ensure performance meets standards. This involves checks on appearance, insulation performance, electrical performance, and road testing to ensure stable performance in various environments.

A single-phase AC charging pile




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Split high power charging system

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