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Successful Conclusion to the Peru Auto Show!

The recent Peru International Auto Show in Lima was a grand success for us. As a key exhibitor, we showcased numerous innovative models and engaged in fruitful discussions with many potential customers. Our meticulous preparation and relentless efforts over the three days led to several promising trade agreements.

Peru Auto Parts Exhibition


As one of the most influential automotive events in Latin America, the Peru Auto Show attracted manufacturers and dealers from around the world. Our booth stood out as a highlight of the show. The well-designed booth, diverse range of models, and professional, enthusiastic service team drew significant attention and praise from visitors.

Peru Auto Parts Exhibition


During the three-day event, our team engaged deeply with potential customers from across Peru. Through detailed product presentations, on-site test drives, and personalized purchasing consultations, we successfully reached several trade agreements. These customers expressed great interest in our products and appreciation for our excellent service.

Peru Auto Parts Exhibition


Reflecting on the Peru Auto Show, we feel a great sense of accomplishment. We not only achieved remarkable sales results but also connected with numerous potential customers and partners. Looking ahead, we will continue to uphold our “customer first” principle, continuously improving product quality and service levels to provide an even better purchasing experience.We will also display more of our automotive products to our customers, including popular brands: Geely, Volkswagen, BYD, etc.