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Exploring the Global Auto Show Circuit with Hesucar: A Spotlight on EVCAR, SUV, MPV, and SEDAN

In the increasingly globalized world of the automobile market, participating in international auto shows has become an essential way for manufacturers and dealers to grasp the latest industry trends, showcase innovative products, and build global connections.

Global Exhibitions and Innovation

Hersuka has made waves at international auto shows, participating in well-known exhibitions in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and the China Canton Fair. Our focus is on showcasing our progress across the four main vehicle types: EVCAR (Electric Car), SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) and Sedan. These events provide us with a platform to demonstrate our commitment to automotive innovation and connectivity to global markets.

our exhibitors

our exhibitors

Our diverse range of vehicles

Every vehicle in our product line is carefully designed with a clear purpose. Our EVCAR is at the forefront of the electric revolution, providing an environmentally friendly solution without compromising performance. SUVs combine luxury and practicality, making them as suitable for urban commuting as they are for off-road adventures. Our MPVs are perfect for families, offering spacious, flexible interiors for comfortable travel. Ultimately, Hesucar’s sedans are the epitome of elegance and efficiency, built for those who appreciate refinement in their daily driving.

Join us or let us visit you

We cordially invite you to attend our car show and experience the latest products from Hesucar. Alternatively, we will be happy to arrange a trip to your location for a personalized vehicle presentation. Discover the world of automotive excellence and innovative design with Hesucar.