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New EV SUV Weekly

This week, the auto industry ushered in a wave of new ev suv launches, with major car companies launching their latest models. Here are some highlights from this week’s new car launches:

Automobile dynamics

On July 14th, BYD officially released the logo of their new brand, “Fangcheng Leopard”, which will focus on personalized branding. The first model, named “Leopard 5”, will be a rugged SUV with advanced technologies like the DMO hybrid platform and the Yun Nian-P intelligent hydraulic body control system, and is expected to be priced between 400,000 to 600,000 yuan.

Electric vehicle brand Smart plans to raise 250 to 300 million USD through Series A financing to strengthen its global development strategy. Tianqi Lithium Industry will lead the investment with 150 million USD, while Mercedes-Benz and Geely Group will remain equal shareholders.

NIO has completed the previously announced strategic investment of nearly 1.1 billion USD from Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth fund, CYVN Holdings. After the investment, CYVN Holdings holds approximately 7% of NIO’s total issued and outstanding shares.

new ev suv release

1、Deep Blue releases new energy off-road SUV

Deep Blue Auto released 4 new models, including a new hatchback sedan, an SUV larger than the current S7, an off-road SUV, and a mid-to-large SUV. These new models are positioned above existing products, in line with the brand’s strategy of launching 2 or more new products per year.

2、Chery’s all-new electric medium-sized SUV e Q 7 officially launched

Chery’s new electric medium-sized SUV eQ7 was officially launched, and the first mass-produced vehicle rolled off the assembly line.The car uses rear-wheel drive, with a maximum power output of 155 kW and a top speed of 180 km/h.

3、Gaohe’s new model HiPhi Y launched

HiPhi Y is a large SUV equipped with the second-generation NT smart wing door, showing a futuristic design and expanding the application in various scenarios.

4、Ford Explorer EV debuts

Ford has unveiled its new compact all-electric vehicle, the Explorer EV, at the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed.The Explorer EV will be available in rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive versions, with Quick Drive.

breaking news

ZF launches advanced axle drive system for commercial vehicles, showcasing commitment to electric mobility.

Tokyo Institute of Technology develops new design rules for solid-state batteries with high lithium ion conductivity.

The above are some highlights of the new car release this week. Major car companies have launched the latest models one after another, providing consumers with more choices. The competition in the auto industry is becoming increasingly fierce. I believe that there will be more and better models launched in the future. Let us wait and see.