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Ever-changing car companies

The development of technology has caused various car companies to continuously update and change rapidly. With its eye-catching design and advanced functions, it has built a brand strategy. If you want to keep abreast of the latest international car company trends, please take a look at the following content!

1.Lucid has teamed up with Aston Martin to produce a high-performance electric car.

Aston Martin has entered into a strategic agreement with Lucid to collaborate on the production of high-performance electric vehicles. Aston Martin will use Lucid’s technology and pay Lucid cash and stock in exchange.

2.Faraday Future has secured $90 million in financing commitments.

Faraday Future announced a $90 million financing commitment from existing investors to support the production and delivery of the FF 91 EV and drive global business expansion. The company is also continuing to seek additional sources of funding.

With the continuous breakthroughs and reforms of international car companies, Chinese car companies are also constantly improving and innovating, and are constantly moving towards internationalization to achieve win-win cooperation.

1.Newtechnology released by GAC Group

The new technologies released by GAC Group include: hydrogen energy vehicle technology, GAC Trumpchi E9 hydrogen hybrid version became the first hydrogen hybrid vehicle equipped with a hydrogen engine, ammonia engine technology, N-in-one electric drive technology, GAC Rubik’s Cube platform and the first This separate flying car will become part of the future smart travel solution.

2.The new brand strategy released by Changan DEEPAL Automobile.

Changan DEEPAL Automobile released a new product release plan, launching more than two new products every year, and launching more than 12 new and remodeled models in total. Create a global model strategy and build marketing service contacts. It is estimated that in the next three years, 10,000 marketing service contacts will be built, and the investment in research and development will not be less than 10% per year.

The development of new energy vehicles is unstoppable, and the development of innovative technologies has created the future of new energy, leading the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry.