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BYD Introduces New DM-i Seal Model for Pre-Sale

On July 31st, the highly anticipated BYD DM-i Seal made its debut.

The new vehicle is expected to initiate pre-sales in August with an estimated price range of 180,000 to 250,000 yuan. Derived from the 07 destroyer model, the DM-i Seal offers two options for the BYD DM-i powertrain system: a 1.5L version and a 1.5T version.What sets this model apart is its impressive all-electric range, boasting 121 to 200 kilometers under NEDC conditions. Notably, this marks the first time a mid-sized plug-in hybrid vehicle achieves a pure electric range of 200 kilometers. The vehicle’s fuel consumption stands at a mere 3.9L/100km, and it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.9 seconds.

Moreover, the DM-i Seal aligns with BYD’s commitment to environmental innovation. The dual powertrain options provide flexibility for consumers seeking different driving experiences. This hybrid model caters to both environmentally conscious drivers and those who prioritize dynamic performance.

In an exciting expansion of their electric vehicle lineup, BYD recently introduced the Dolphin model in Malaysia, their second all-electric vehicle release in the country after the ATTO 3. The Dolphin comes in two variants: the standard range version priced at 99,900 Malaysian Ringgit (approximately 157,000 Chinese Yuan) and the extended range version priced at 124,900 Malaysian Ringgit (approximately 196,000 Chinese Yuan). This move reinforces BYD’s commitment to offering eco-friendly solutions for global markets.

With the introduction of the DM-i Seal and the Dolphin model in Malaysia, BYD continues to make strides in the electric vehicle market, catering to diverse consumer preferences while championing sustainable transportation. As the pre-sale for the DM-i Seal approaches, anticipation builds for another milestone in the world of new energy vehicles.