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New Car Releases

A string of exciting new car launches has taken the automotive world by storm. Let’s dive into the highlights:

Formula Leopard 5 debut

Fangbao Motors held a brand and technology conference on August 16 to showcase its brand image, technical route and new car Leopard 5. The new car is based on the DM-o platform and brings together the advantages of plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Lynk & Co 08 pre-sale

The Lynk & Co 08 EM-P, a mid-size SUV plug-in hybrid model, has announced a pre-sale price of RMB 218,000 to RMB 278,000. The car is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system with a combined power of 436 kW and a system peak torque of 905 Nm. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes only 4.6 seconds.

Chery eQ7 pre-sale

Chery eQ7 starts pre-sale, and the pre-sale price is 143,900 to 163,900 yuan. The car is based on a new aluminum-based platform, equipped with a drive motor with a maximum power of 155kW, and the cruising range of the flagship model reaches 512 kilometers.

Baojun Yunduo is online

Baojun Yunduo is officially on the market, priced at RMB 95,800 to RMB 123,800. The car offers two battery options, 360km and 460km respectively, equipped with a 100kW high-power motor with a maximum torque of 200N m.

Escalade ESCALADE IQ Launch

Cadillac released the pure electric product ESCALADE IQ is expect to put into production next summer, with a starting price of about US$130,000. The car is equipped with a dual-motor system, with a combined power of 505kW, a peak torque of 834 Nm, and a maximum cruising range of 450 miles (about 724 kilometers).

With their cutting-edge technology, impressive range and captivating design, these new cars have redefined the automotive sector and set new benchmarks for the industry..