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As the auto industry accelerates towards electrification and smart mobility, brands are committed to pioneering new vehicle advancements.

BYD Song L Teaser Image

BYD has released teaser images of its upcoming mid-size SUV, the Song L production version. The vehicle is set to feature frameless doors and adjustable rear spoilers. Notably, it is expected to be available for sale in the fourth quarter. Built on the e Platform 3.0, the Song L will incorporate CTB battery-body integration, intelligent electric four-wheel drive, and the Cloud Shuttle system, enhancing its competitiveness.

Subaru Plans Three-Row Seating Electric SUV

Subaru intends to introduce a three-row seating all-electric SUV, with production beginning in early 2025 at its factory in Kentucky, USA. The model might also have a Toyota sibling, possibly named bZ5X. While details remain undisclosed, this venture echoes the Toyota bZ4X and Subaru SOLTERRA launch in 2022.

Bentley Unveils Pura Vision SUV Concept

Bentley has revealed official images of its Pura Vision SUV Concept, touted as an electric luxury utility vehicle (e-LUV). The futuristic design is set to make its debut at an auto show in mid-August. Although powertrain specifics are yet to be disclosed, it is anticipated that the vehicle might include dual motors and a four-wheel-drive system.

Fisker Launches Four New Electric Models

Fisker launched four new pure electric models at the 2023 product launch conference: Ronin four-door convertible coupe, Alaska pickup, urban SUV PEAR and off-road SUV Ocean Force E. 1000 hp

Tengshi N8 Released with Pricing

The Tengshi N8 has been officially launched with two variants, priced between 319,800 and 326,800 yuan. As a mid-to-large-sized SUV, it offers 6/7-seat configurations and features the DM-p super hybrid powertrain system.

Ideal L9 Pro Hits the Market

The Ideal L9 Pro has been released with a starting price of 429,800 yuan. Positioned as a lower-priced version compared to the Max variant, the Pro model features a 1.5T engine as a range extender. The electric motor outputs 330 kW with a peak torque of 620 Nm. Its estimated range is 215 km in pure electric mode and up to 1315 km in combined mode.

Neta AYA Launched

The Neta AYA has officially debuted with prices ranging from 73,800 to 88,800 yuan. As a revamped version of the Neta V, the AYA offers upgraded exterior and interior features. It is positioned as a compact SUV and offers an NEDC range of 301 km. The model features two electric motors with total outputs of 54 and 95 horsepower, respectively.