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New Automotive Situation

In this week’s new automotive situation, we bring you the latest updates from the automotive industry. Several exciting models have been unveiled, showcasing innovative features and cutting-edge technology.

1.Changan Qiyuan A07 teaser released, aiming at medium and large sedans

On June 26, Changan Qiyuan A07 released a teaser image. , the car is positioned as a medium-to-large pure electric sedan, and adopts a new LOGO and off-screen design style that is different from the existing series of models, with outstanding visual effects. The car is expected to meet consumers in July.

2.Tank 500 Hi4-T launched, priced at 335,000 yuan

On the same day, the Tank 500 Hi4-T was officially launched. It adopts an off-road super-hybrid structure model and an intelligent electronic control strategy of parallel connection of gasoline and electricity. Its comprehensive fuel consumption is as low as 2.2L/100km, and its comprehensive cruising range can reach 790 kilometers.

3.The new Yingshi brand e:PHEV is released and is expected to be launched in August

As the sister model of the new Accord, the new Eagle Stone makes its debut. The new Inspo offers a 1.5T fuel version and a 2.0L+ motor plug-in hybrid version.

4.Wuling Greyhound Gold Card launched

On June 28, Wuling “Lingshi” was officially released, which will focus on the new energy commercial vehicle market. At the same time, the first model Lingshi Gold Card was officially launched. The new car is equipped with extended-range power, which is composed of a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine and an electric motor, with a combined fuel consumption of 6.5L/100km.

5.Kia EV6 officially opens blind purchase

Kia launched China’s first pure electric vehicle – Kia EV6. In terms of power, there is a long-endurance version equipped with a 77.4kW/h battery pack, a standard endurance version equipped with a 58kW/h battery pack, and four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive versions. Pay 666 yuan in the pre-sale activity applet to participate in online blind purchase.

That concludes this week’s new car release report. Stay tuned for more updates as automakers continue to push the boundaries of technology and design in the automotive industry.