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Geely’s Dual Stars: MONJARO L &MONJARO ZHIQING – Luxury Meets Versatility

As one of China’s leading automobile manufacturers, Geely Automobile’s MONJARO L and MONJARO ZHIQING are both high-profile SUV models. Although the two have many similarities in design and technology, they also have their own characteristics to meet the needs of different consumers.

Geely Monjaro L

Geely Monjaro L

First of all, from the appearance design point of view, MONJARO L continues Geely’s consistent modern design language, but the body size and lines are more majestic, highlighting the temperament of a luxury SUV. In contrast, although the overall design style of MONJARO Zhiqing is similar, the details are more youthful and dynamic, which is more in line with the tastes of young consumers.



In terms of power system,MONJARO L is usually equipped with a more powerful engine and a more advanced transmission system, providing a smoother and more powerful driving experience. On the contrary, MONJARO Zhiqing may focus more on fuel efficiency and economy, and is suitable for daily use and urban driving.

In terms of interior, MONJARO L is more refined in terms of materials and craftsmanship, and is equipped with more high-end configurations, such as large-size touch screens, intelligent interconnection systems, etc., providing a luxurious and comfortable driving and riding experience. Although MONJARO Zhiqing is slightly simple in some configurations, it also provides good comfort and practicality.



In general, although Geely MONJARO L and MONJARO Zhiqing both belong to the SUV series, they are different in positioning and characteristics. MONJARO L focuses more on luxury and performance, while MONJARO Zhiqing is more suitable for consumers who pursue cost-effectiveness and daily practicality. No matter which model it is, Geely is working hard to meet the needs of different users and demonstrate the diversity and innovative spirit of its brand.