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GAC AION S MAX officially launched, subverting the compact car market

If you were to choose a pure electric family sedan, would you choose GAC AION S MAX?This new car not only has a completely new look in appearance, but also brings excellent performance and environmental protection features. The launch of AION S MAX will further enrich the Chinese automobile market. The following are the main highlights of the car:

Appearance and configuration upgrades

AION S MAX has a new appearance design while maintaining the characteristics of the Aion brand family. Compared with the AION S Plus, the body length and wheelbase have been lengthened, making the interior space more spacious. This car has launched a total of 5 models with different configurations to meet the needs of different consumers, ranging from entry-level to high-end luxury models.

Powerful performance

GAC AION S MAX is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous drive motor with a maximum power of 180 kilowatts. This provides the vehicle with great power and makes the driving experience even more exciting. Not only that, AION S MAX also has an excellent suspension system that provides excellent control and comfort.

Environmentally friendly battery technology

With the rise of electric vehicles, battery technology is crucial. AION S MAX is equipped with an advanced ternary lithium battery pack. Under CLTC operating conditions, the cruising range can reach 610 kilometers, providing consumers with a longer travel range and also contributing to environmental protection.

The future travel stars

The launch of GAC AION S MAX marks the transformation of China’s automobile market into a more environmentally friendly and intelligent direction. This car will become the star of future travel, bringing consumers more convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly choices. Whether you are looking for a car with excellent performance or a consumer pursuing green travel, AION S MAX deserves your attention.

Overall, the launch of GAC AION S MAX will inject new vitality into the electric vehicle market, providing a compact sedan with excellent performance and environmentally friendly features. This car’s upgraded appearance, powerful power system and advanced battery technology make it a dark horse in the market, leading the trend of future travel. Consumers can expect that when driving AION S MAX, they will enjoy a more exciting travel experience.