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EXEED Sterra ES Officially Launched, Priced at $31,362-$47,195

EXEED Sterra ES Officially Launched

Recently, the Exeed Sterra ES has officially made its debut in the automotive market, offering five different configurations. Priced between $31,362 and $47,195, it caters to the diverse needs of consumers. As a brand-new model, the launch of the Sterra ES undoubtedly brings a fresh choice for enthusiasts.


Diverse Powertrain Options and Outstanding Acceleration Performance

The new vehicle offers a rich selection of powertrains, including single-motor and dual-motor versions. The single-motor versions come in two specifications with maximum power ranging from 185kW to 230kW, while the dual-motor version is a combination of 123kW/230kW. These powertrain combinations ensure excellent power output in different driving modes. Notably, the Exeed Sterra ES achieves impressive acceleration performance with 0-100km/h acceleration in just 3 seconds, showcasing exceptional power capabilities.

sterra es

Leading Range Capability and Charging Efficiency

Built on an 800V high-voltage platform, the Exeed boasts remarkable range capabilities. Depending on the configuration, the vehicle offers an ultra-long CLTC standard range of 570km to 905km, fully meeting the needs of daily use and long-distance travel. Furthermore, the Exeed Sterra ES demonstrates excellent energy consumption control with a minimum consumption of 11.7kWh/100km under CLTC conditions. In terms of charging efficiency, it only takes 5 minutes to charge enough for a 150km drive, and 15 minutes to achieve 30% to 80% rapid replenishment, significantly enhancing the vehicle’s usability.

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The Exeed Sterra ES, with its diverse power options, outstanding acceleration performance, and excellent range and charging capabilities, is ready to meet the scrutiny of consumers. Interested friends are welcome to visit the showroom for more details and experience the driving pleasure brought by this new model.