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BLOGNew energy vehicle

New car released, are you ready?- Driving the Future: The Green Revolution of New Energy Vehicles.

Get ready for an adrenaline rush. In this issue, Deep Blue S7, Buick E4 and Haoying e:HEV are launched. It will be a bold and fearless creation, designed to deliver an unrivaled thrilling driving experience. Three amazing cars show the new trend of future travel.

1.Buick E4 launched.

On June 19, Buick launched the Electra E4 and E4 GS medium and large coupe SUVs. Buick E4 is a pure electric vehicle that focuses on environmental protection and comfort. Its design is stylish and dynamic, with smooth body lines and high aerodynamic performance. The interior of the car is spacious and comfortable, equipped with advanced intelligent driving assistance systems and luxurious configurations, providing passengers with an excellent travel experience.

2.Haoying e:PHEV launched.

On the same day, GAC Honda’s new-generation Haoying e:HEV and e:PHEV models were officially launched. Haoying e:HEV adopts Honda’s advanced hybrid power system to provide excellent fuel economy and environmental performance. The interior space of the car is spacious and comfortable, and it is equipped with advanced driving assistance technology and intelligent interconnection functions to improve driving convenience.

3.Deep Blue S7 launched.

On June 25, Deep Blue S7 was officially launched. There are 5 models of the new car, and the price range is 149,900 yuan to 202,900 yuan. The new car is the first SUV based on the Changan EPA1 platform. It is a luxury electric SUV integrating cutting-edge technology and excellent performance. It uses an advanced electric drive system to provide an efficient and emission-free driving experience. The S7 also has excellent range, so you don’t have to worry about charging. The interior design is exquisite, providing spacious and comfortable driving space, equipped with advanced intelligent driving assistance system and panoramic sunroof, making your driving safer and more enjoyable.

Whether it is Buick E4, Haoying e:PHEV or Deep Blue S7, they all represent the future development direction of electric vehicles. With its environmental protection performance, innovative technology and excellent comfort, it has attracted more and more consumers’ attention. Whether it is city driving or long-distance travel, Haoying e: PHEV, Buick E4, and Deep Blue S7 are ideal companions for your travel.