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CHERY STERRA ET: Leading China’s High-end New Energy SUV Trend

Recently, Chery Group officially unveiled its new flagship model – the STERRA ET, marking the brand’s comprehensive entry into the high-end new energy vehicle market. This model, built on the E0X native electric platform, is positioned as a super-intelligent SUV, incorporating Chery Group’s most cutting-edge car-making craftsmanship and advanced technology, showcasing the formidable strength of Chinese manufacturing.


The CHERY STERRA ET boasts industry-leading technical specifications. It is equipped with a full-range 800V high-voltage system, SIC silicon carbide electric drive system, and EEA5.0 electronic electrical architecture, ensuring outstanding performance in terms of power and energy utilization efficiency. Furthermore, the vehicle adopts advanced double wishbone suspension system and air suspension + CDC electromagnetic damping technology, achieving a perfect balance between ride comfort and sporty handling.


In terms of intelligent technology, the CHERY STERRA ET leaves no stone unturned. The inclusion of NEP full-scenario intelligent driving assistance system and AI big model cockpit not only enhances driving convenience and safety but also creates an immersive intelligent interaction experience for drivers and passengers.


With the maturation of the new energy vehicle market in China, Chinese brands are rapidly and vigorously deploying and innovating. The launch of the CHERY STERRA ET undoubtedly marks a solid step forward for Chery Group in this field and serves as a powerful testimony to the upward climb of Chinese manufacturing. It brings unprecedented high-end new energy product value and driving experience to consumers, heralding a new chapter for the Chinese automotive industry on the global new energy stage.

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