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Chery New Energy iCAR 03 Pre-sale: Stylish Urban Electric SUV Sets the Market Ablaze

Chery New Energy’s iCAR 03 is gearing up for pre-sale, offering a total of 6 models. It is an electric SUV featuring a “boxy” design, positioning itself as a “Trendy Box Electric SUV,” delivering a notably stylish and rugged visual appeal.

iCAR 03

iCAR 03

In terms of powertrain options, the iCAR 03 comes in single and dual motor versions. The single motor variant boasts a maximum power of 135 kilowatts (184 horsepower). Additionally, the new vehicle will be equipped with iWD intelligent electric four-wheel drive, along with an H-arm multi-link + hydraulic sleeve chassis structure, offering various driving modes to meet diverse driving scenarios.

To ensure stability and versatility in driving, the iCAR 03 adopts an H-arm multi-link + hydraulic sleeve chassis structure. This design not only provides multiple driving modes but also meets the needs of various driving scenarios.

iCAR 03

iCAR 03

As a significant product from Chery New Energy, the launch of the iCAR 03 will further enrich the market’s selection of electric vehicles. Its stylish appearance, powerful performance, and intelligent driving systems are bound to attract the attention of numerous consumers, making it a potential dark horse in the future electric vehicle market.