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Pre-orders Opened! Changan Hunter Pickup Price Revealed

Pre-order Now: Changan Hunter Pickup

Starting today, the highly anticipated Changan Hunter Pickup is officially available for global pre-orders. This new pickup has captured the attention of numerous enthusiasts with its innovative range-extending system and striking design. With a total of 8 different configurations, it offers a variety of options to meet the needs of different consumers. In terms of pricing, these models are priced between $19,431 and $30,125, providing a wide range of choices for potential buyers with different budgets.


Powertrain and Motor Configuration

In terms of powertrain configuration, the Changan Hunter is equipped with a JL486ZQ6 2.0T displacement engine as the main range extender, capable of delivering up to 140kW of maximum net power. This design not only ensures the vehicle‘s performance but also considers fuel economy. In terms of motor configuration, the Hunter Pickup offers two different versions: the two-wheel-drive version features a 130kW rear motor, while the four-wheel-drive version is equipped with a dual-motor combination consisting of a 70kW and a 130kW motor, ensuring excellent dynamic performance under different driving conditions.

Range and Performance

In addition to its powerful powertrain, the Changan Hunter Pickup also boasts impressive range capabilities. In pure electric mode, the new vehicle can achieve a range of up to 180km. With the assistance of the range-extending system, the comprehensive range can reach 1031km (tested according to CLTC conditions). Such range performance undoubtedly provides more flexibility and peace of mind for long-distance travel and daily commuting.

With the official opening of pre-orders for the Changan Hunter Pickup, enthusiasts now have the opportunity to add this model, which combines modern technology with the classic charm of pickups, to their garages. Whether for performance-oriented driving enthusiasts or environmentally conscious pioneers interested in new energy vehicles, the Changan Hunter demonstrates its unique market competitiveness. Welcome all enthusiasts to seize the opportunity and enjoy the infinite driving pleasure brought by the Changan Hunter as soon as possible.