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BYD New Energy Passenger Vehicles


Founded in February 1995, BYD is a high-tech company devoted to leveraging technological innovations for a better life. After more than 27 years of high-speed growth, BYD has established over 30 industrial parks across 6 continents and played a significant role in industries related to electronics, auto, renewable energy and rail transit. With a focus on energy acquisition, storage, and application, BYD offers comprehensive new energy solutions with zero-emission.



400+ cities,70+ countries,6 continents


BYD has developed the industry-leading Blade Battery, e-Platform 3.0 and Dual-mode hybrid power technology accelerating the once-in-a-century transition from fossil fuel powered vehicles to electric vehicles.

Blade Battery

Enhanced safety

The unique flat rectangle shape improves cooling efficiency and preheating performance. Blade Battery has safely passed the nail penetration test without emitting fire or smoke.

Optimised strength

Arranged in an array in one pack, each cell serves as a structural beam to help withstand the force. The aluminum honeycomb-like structure, with high-strength panels on upper and lower side of the pack, greatly enhances the rigidity in vertical direction.

Longer range

The space utilisation of the Blade Battery has been increased by over 50% compared with the traditional battery packs, which provides enhanced energy density and delivers longer range.

Longer lifespan

Blade Battery has a long battery life with over 5000 charge and discharge cycles.

e-Platform 3.0

Give full play to the advantages of intelligence, efficiency, safety, and aesthetics that electrification brings.


The e-Platform 3.0 doubles the rigidity of the entire vehicle after integrating the Blade Battery into the car body. The Blade Battery is both an energy storage unit and a structural part. It plays a vital role in enhancing the vehicle’s structure and safety performance.

High efficiency

Equipped with the world’s first mass-produced 8-in-1 electric powertrain as standard, the overall system efficiency is up to 89%.


Evolving from distributed electronic and electrical architecture into an integrated domain-controlled architecture, the interactive efficiency and iteration of the system has been enhanced greatly for a continuous and automatic upgrade of the whole vehicle.


The vehicle features shorter overhangs and a longer wheel base, significantly expanding the passenger space; a lower body and a longer wheelbase liberate the vehicle’s aerodynamic design, decreasing the drag coefficient to 0.21Cd.

Semiconductor Chip

Semiconductor chip, the ‘CPU’ of new energy vehicles, is the core technology of the whole industry.

BYD DiLink Intelligent Network Connection System

The smartphone functions are integrated into the in-vehicle platform.

Vehicle Safety

Numerous challenging tests for top quality

Market Performance

In 2021, BYD sold nearly 600,000 new energy passenger vehicles worldwide.