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BYD SONG PLUS Series Showdown! Choosing Between BYD SONGPLUS EV and DMI

In the realm of new energy vehicles, BYD shines brightly as a leading star. BYD SONG PLUS EV and SONGPLUS DMI versions are particularly notable. Today, let’s compare these two models to explore their unique features and advantages.

byd song plus

byd song plus

BYD SONGPLUS EV: Excellence in Electric Mobility

The SONGPLUS EV, BYD’s electric model, boasts impressive range capabilities. Official data reveals a maximum range of up to 605 kilometers, more than sufficient for most users. Additionally, the SONGPLUS EV is equipped with an advanced battery management system, enhancing battery lifespan and safety. It supports fast charging, reaching 80% in just half an hour, offering convenience and efficiency.

BYD SONGPLUS DMI: Hybrid Power and Efficiency

The SONGPLUS DMI showcases BYD’s hybrid technology, seamlessly switching between electric and fuel driving to enhance usability. Its standout features include fuel efficiency and powerful performance, with a combination of a 1.5T engine and electric motor delivering up to 243 horsepower and a peak torque of 330 Nm. This ensures easy handling in city and highway driving. Remarkably, its combined fuel consumption is only 1.3L/100km, outstanding for a hybrid.

byd song plus

byd song plus

BYD SONGPLUS on the Global Stage

BYD has successfully introduced the SONGPLUS to the Colombian market, where it has been warmly received by local consumers. In Chile, the SONGPLUS also boasts impressive sales, demonstrating BYD’s product strength and brand influence.

Special Editions of BYD SONGPLUS

The SONGPLUS 2023 flagship edition comes with a new smart driving system, enabling features like autonomous driving and automatic parking, significantly enhancing convenience and safety. The recently launched SONGPLUS DMI 2024 version sports a new, more stylish design and upgraded features, likely to appeal to a broader consumer base.

byd song plus

byd song plus

Both the SONGPLUS EV and SONGPLUS DMI exemplify BYD’s excellence. Each model has its unique strengths, making them great choices for those seeking eco-friendly travel or efficient power. BYD continues to lead with technological innovation, offering high-quality new energy vehicles to global consumers.