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BYD Han EV vs. Han DM-i: Titans Clash in New Energy Vehicle Arena

BYD, a leader in China’s new energy vehicle sector, introduced Han EV and Han DM-i, garnering significant attention. This article analyzes their differences.


BYD Han Power Systems:

The BYD Han EV is powered solely by its battery pack and features a high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor developed by BYD, delivering up to 222 kW of power and 360 N·m of peak torque. It achieves a range of 605 kilometers under NEDC conditions, prioritizing smooth acceleration and energy consumption control.

Driving Experience:

The Han EV provides a quiet, swift acceleration with linear power output due to its electric nature, while the Han DM-i, though slightly less quiet, offers a balanced driving experience with its advanced hybrid technology seamlessly transitioning between electric and combustion modes.



The Han EV emphasizes pure electric performance and eco-friendliness, ideal for those seeking energy efficiency and zero-emission travel. Meanwhile, the Han DM-i offers flexible energy usage and exceptional driving dynamics, catering to a wider range of market needs. Consumers can choose based on their preferences and usage scenarios, confident that both models will provide a premium new energy vehicle experience.