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Avita Unveils Exciting Lineup: New Energy Vehicles Avita 12

On July 21st, Avita Technologies held a Partner Investment Conference at their headquarters in Chongqing, where they announced the much-anticipated release of their new model, Avita 12, in the third quarter, with deliveries slated for this year. This unveiling comes hot on the heels of their successful Avita 11 launch.

‘s commitment to new energy vehicles remains unwavering, and the company is excited to announce that two new models, codenamed E15 and E16, will hit the market in 2024, completing their ambitious “Four Models in Four Years” plan ahead of schedule.

The Avita 12 is set to impress with its advanced drivetrain. The four-wheel-drive variant will boast Huawei’s cutting-edge DriveONE dual-motor system, with a maximum power output of 195kW at the front and 230kW at the rear. Meanwhile, the single-motor model will deliver a whopping 230kW of power. This innovation promises enhanced performance and efficiency, making Avita 12 an alluring option for electric vehicle enthusiasts.

Another highlight of the Avita 12 is its incorporation of Ningde Times’ state-of-the-art ternary lithium battery pack. This technology ensures improved energy density and longevity, enhancing the vehicle’s overall driving range and charging capabilities.


Avita’s rapid progress in the new energy vehicle sector demonstrates their dedication to sustainable transportation and showcases their commitment to providing customers with innovative, environmentally friendly choices.

In conclusion, Avita’s announcement of the Avita 12 and their upcoming E15 and E16 models marks a significant milestone in the new energy vehicle industry. With their continued focus on cutting-edge technology and sustainable solutions, Avita is undoubtedly set to revolutionize the automotive landscape, appealing to eco-conscious drivers worldwide.