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The 135th Canton Fair Grandly Opens! Hesucar Electric Cars Draw Attention Storm

In 2024, as scheduled, the 135th Canton Fair arrived. In the gentle spring season, brimming with enthusiasm, our company stepped into this boundless realm of business opportunities. Today, the venue is bustling with people, full of vitality and hope in every corner.

Exploring the Exhibition Hall

Entering the spacious and bright exhibition hall, rows of neatly arranged booths catch the eye. Exhibitors from around the world showcase their latest technologies and products. Our booth is located at 8.1A18-20, attracting numerous gazes with its prominent signage and unique design. The atmosphere is lively, showcasing the influence and importance of the Canton Fair.

Product Showcase

As a leader in the electric car export industry, we have brought multiple innovative products. Among them, the zeekr smart electric car stands out for its strong endurance, high level of intelligence, and excellent safety performance. With its streamlined exterior design and cutting-edge automatic driving assistance system, it provides a stable driving experience.


Customer Interaction

Since the start of the fair, our booth has been constantly welcoming customers from all over. They have shown strong interest in our products, stopping by to inquire. Our sales team patiently answers every customer’s inquiry with professionalism, detailing the product’s features and future market prospects. Several exciting product demonstrations have allowed customers to experience the charm of Hesucar electric cars firsthand. Many customers, impressed by the product advantages, have expressed intentions for deeper cooperation, with some even signing orders on the spot.



We thank all friends who have shown interest and support for Hesucar. If you want to experience the lively atmosphere firsthand, feel free to visit our booth!